Black Ops 4 Rules:


Search & Destroy Settings:


GTD Search and Destroy


Search and Destroy > CWL (CWL rules must be selected)


Changes required to the CWL rules:




Pre-Round Timer: Can be Disabled or left as default, will not result in a forfeit or replay

Reveal Fog of War: Disabled




Specialist Settings : (Dependent on the tournament)



Specialist Weaponry: Disabled

Equipment: Disabled




Search and Destroy:


Firing Range






General Rules:


If incorrect rule settings or using a banned item/perk will result in a forfeit of the most recent round for Tournaments and Live Supported Wagers if the round was won by the offending team. If your team won the round, a forfeit of the round will not be issued. If there are no rounds on a respawn tournament a map forfeit will be issued. YOU MUST LEAVE THE FOLLOWING ROUND WITHIN 15 SECONDS(AND BEFORE FIRST BLOOD) FOR A REPLAY OF THE ROUND TO TAKE PLACE. IF THE MATCH IS PLAYED TO COMPLETION THE RESULTS WILL REMAIN.


If you experience lag during a Tournament or Live Supported Wager match, please take proof and leave the game at the END of the round/beginning of the next round, and contact live support immediately. If it had an effect on the outcome of the round, the admin will issue a round replay, however, this is at the admins discretion to determine the effect on the outcome of the round. The more point of views of lag from your team the better as we must ensure it is the host causing the lag and not your individual connection.


If the match was finished and the lag did not occur during the last round, NO REPLAY will be issued. This means if you experienced lag during the second round and did not leave the game at the end of the round and continued to play the match out, we will not issue a replay.


*Please note we cannot force a host change without proof of lag.*




Use of a banned scorestreak may only result in a forfeit of the round if it is found to have an actual impact on the match.


Attempting to manipulate / exploit our rules through use of any banned items, perks, scorestreaks or wrong rules in game could result in a map forfeit rather than a forfeit of the most recent round. If you are found using these methods to exploit the rules or cheat in matches then you may face penalty including possible ban at the admins discretion.



Host Rules:


Host of each map is listed in the match details page provided to you.


1nD (best of 1) the team with the best/lowest seed in a tournament will host a single map match.


Bo3 (Best of 3) where you play a series of maps to win the majority of maps listed ( win 2/3 or 3/5 to win). The host will switch off from map 1 as described in the 1nD scenario above to the other team until the last map which is TBD (To Be Determined)


Best of 3 or Best of 5 the last map is TBD and is determined by the total number of rounds won by each team during the previous 2 or 4 maps. In the event of a tie here the host of map 1 will host again.


Host Invites the host of your match must add and invite their opponents though it’s encouraged everybody to do so to expedite the match getting played speedily.


No Shows:


1. A team has 15 Minutes from the scheduled match time to show for matches; failure to do so could potentially result in a forfeiture of the match. In the situation that the opposing team does not show up for the scheduled match, you MUST contact our support twitter 

2. When alerted to a no-show the administrator will then contact your opponent at the 15-minute mark after the scheduled match start time. Your opponents will then have an additional amount of time to respond to the administrator and Join/Host (The additional amount of time is based on the administrator’s discretion).

3. Failure to follow the directions and the set deadlines from the administrator will result in a forfeiture of the match.






1. Proof may be acquired by recording situations and all matches. Keep in mind, may the situation arise where the opposing team makes a dispute, and you are unable to provide valid proof of winning the previous match, you risk receiving a loss or the match being canceled.


2. All proof must be recorded with the capture device or uploaded using the console's (Xbox One / PS4) "share" system.


3. If you do not use the consoles DVR feature, you risk your proof being considered "Insufficient." We HIGHLY suggest you use your consoles DVR feature for proof.


4. If you are unsure what proof to gather in a certain situation, please note this in the ticket or ask a live support admin if your match is to be dealt with through live support. If we require additional proof the ticket may not be closed immediately; we will reply to the ticket so please check comments as much as possible.


5. When providing proof, you must post/send the direct URL in the ticket. If the URL link supplied is not accessible the proof will not be counted or used in judgment of the ticket.


6. For proof to be considered valid, it must have the full scoreboard with gamertags and all applicable game information including the proof method used for the game, with the proof being clear enough for staff to read it.


7. Submitting fake or old proof may result in a permanent ban.


8. Any conversation may not be considered valid proof; this includes, but is not limited to: Twitter conversations, PMs, AIMs, Skype, or messages through Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. This means messages are NOT a form of valid